The Uilleann Pipes are best known for their unique sound. Not only do they have the ability to play 2 octaves, but their individuality amongst the piping family stems from the ability to separate notes, which lends to incredible variation and coloring in phrasing.

Florida Irish Pipers (FIPs) are lucky enough to have mild winters, and lovely humidity, which is (mostly) nice for reeds. The elusive Arundo Donax appears in the wild, making supplies for new reeds obtainable.

FIPs are part of the Southeast Piper's Club, which is a unique community of Uilleann Pipers living in the Southeastern United States... happy to share information, tunes, and friendship. Many FIPs are also members of the Irish Piper’s Club, based in Seattle, and of course Na Piobairi Uilleann, which is based in Dublin. Uilleann Piping in Florida, with the high humidiy, can be challenging at times, but in general, the reeds behave.

This site should give you an idea of where to hear Uilleann Piping and traditional Irish music in Florida, where to get lessons, or hook up with a piping buddy. There aren't too many of us around, but there are pockets, and we'd like to extend a helping hand to all those interested.