Here are some of our favorite links:

Chiff and Fipple Piper’s Forum - This is one of the best forums out there for piping news, gossip, questions, answers, etc. Check it out and be a contributer!

Uilleann Forum - Another place to get great forum interaction!

Southeast Piper’s Club - information, forums, and reedmaking information for Southeastern US pipers.

NPU - The original piper’s club, located at 15 Henrietta Street in Dublin. Tremendous source of information for pipers.

NPU - The Source - Well, if you’re looking for something on piping, lessons, reedmaking, how pipemakers became what they are, and some great Cobblestone recordings... this is IT! You’ve found heaven on the web!

Irish Piper’s Club, Seattle - hosts club meetings in Seattle, and shares a Tionol with the California pipers every other year... this piper’s club has an excellent quarterly newsletter that is a MUST for every piper.

Pat D’Arcy’s Uilleann Obsession - your one-stop-info-shop for everything Uilleann

Pat Sky’s webpage - a great resource for those looking to get into pipes!