Tionol 2013

Gary white reedmaking

Brandon Davis

Reedmaking Class Friday

Brian McNamara, Benedict Koehler, and Eamonn Dillon


Friday night

Skip and Hilari

Patrick joins the back corner

Valerie and Kevin

more Friday night

Dale and Becky

The Reed Family

Scott on Friday

Classes with Patrick

Eamonn's class

Janice and Robbie

Gary White

Brian McNamara

Concertina Class!

Getting ready for the piper picture

Uilleann Pipers 2013

historic painting of Avalon Gallery

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Saturday's audience

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Kathleen the MC

Eamonn Dillon

Scott Vocca and Eamonn

Flo Fahy with Valerie Kitcher

Benedict and Patrick

BK and Patrick and a dancer!

Brian McNamara

the three amigos

Grand Finale

the crashing of an engagement party Saturday

with Heather Gilmer and Hilari Farrington Koehler

Skip Benedict and Hilari

Saturday night on the Celt side

pre-concert at the Harp and Celt

Stacia and Eamonn

Dale and Becky

Sunday afternoon

more sessioning

and more...

and more…

Hello Kitty Lie Over to the SE Tionol!