We are delighted to inform you that there are many Tionols offered around North America throughout the year. These are the music weeks/weekends in which a piper can get face-to-face instruction. You’ll find attending these events is an amazing experience not only from the instruction that you get from teachers, but the interactions with other pipers and musicians. It’s a great way to connect with the Uilleann Piping “tribe”. We’ve separated out the events according to when they usually happen in the calendar year with a link to each. If you know of any changes or additions to this list, please contact us!

Upper Potomac Piper’s Weekend - Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Even Year (2016, 2018, etc...):
West Coast Tionól - Seattle, Washington. Sponsored by the Seattle Piper’s Club. President’s Day Weekend

Odd Year (2015, 2017, etc...):
West Coast Tionól - Berkeley, California. Sponsored by the San Francisco Piper’s Club. President’s Day Weekend

Chris Langan Weekend - Toronto, Canada

St Louis Tionól - St. Louis, Missouri

South East Tionól - Even year - Georgia, Odd year - Florida


North Atlantic Tionól - Prince Edward Island, Canada
Minnesota Irish Music Weekend - St. Paul, Minnesota

Catskills Irish Arts Week - East Durham, New York
Swananoa Gathering Celtic Week- Asheville, North Carolina
Cascadia Irish Music Week - note: sometimes piping instruction is available. Olympia, Washington
Augusta Irish Week - note: sometimes piping instruction is available. Elkins, West Virginia

Piper’s Gathering - Litchfield, Connecticut

Great Northern Irish Pipes Club Workshop/TIonól - St. Paul, Minnesota

North East Tionól - East Durham, New York
O’Flaherty’s Irish Music Retreat Richardson, Texas

Southern California Tionól - San Juan Capistrano, California